if the student is just no time to prepare the language

2013 National Graduate Entrance Examination on January 5 opening test, there are 1.8 million people register for the test, again record. At the same time, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of Education show that in 2013, Chinese college graduates is expected to reach 6.99 million, to become since the founding of New China, the largest university graduates. Kaoyan (microblogging) the number of highs and Employment cold "double whammy" under study (microblogging) experts said that the the conditional students may wish to turn to foreign Kaoyan "target, not only can be realized next fall and synchronization enrollment, and now a lot of multinational companies and financial, Hong Kong enterprises prefer the "returnees" or Hong Kong school graduates. If less than six months to apply, the student can apply for school, supplemented language scores. If you apply for Hong Kong institutions According to to Amber education, general manager of Guangzhou Branch He Chugang, the latest before the end of March, we should submit their applications, otherwise you will miss the cut-off time. Most institutions in Britain there is no clear cut-off time, the general served on the deadline, students apply as early as possible. Note, however, part of the British elite's degree in business is full, if you insist on attending, you can only apply for the course of 2014. The obvious advantages of graduate school abroad, but for students the Kaoyan in 2013 lost, and now began to apply for the overseas graduate courses in the fall of this year, whether it feasible? In this regard, the reporter interviewed a number of education agents Guangzhou informed, as of now, there is a relatively large degree of regional institutions in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong post-graduate courses, students can still apply, but must seize the moment. Can apply for school after complement language scores In this regard, education Guangzhou Kai Tak the British love education center manager Ma Shuyi reminded that, as long as the application is timely for the candidates in terms of preparing to apply for overseas institutions still time enrolled this fall. Students to clearly know the time of each step in the application node and the required materials, and to develop an application to their timetable, in order to avoid missing a particular aspect of the application, missed admission timing. At the same time, some of the institutions in the UK at this stage, it may give up because some students admitted, while there are vacancies in some degree. Students can study abroad through professional institutions, full understand what Colleges Admissions vacancy and what to do targeted application, to avoid missing the best time of the application. Many students finished the domestic graduate students, the lack of confidence of overseas studies. They consider themselves late application, time is tight, may not be in time for the smooth enrollment in September of this year. In fact, it is not so. Any students, is now world's top 100 attended the University of Sheffield Kaoyan achievements was informed in March 2011, decided to study in the UK. At the time, many British university enrollment has stopped. Assist her to apply for study abroad agencies, by helping her rummaging school information and past admissions, and direct contact with the school enrollment is confirmed, the final lock has not stopped the University of Sheffield Engineering Admissions and success obtained last year Fall admission. Application should be targeted to timely Go to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and other countries to study, most of the schools are required to have a TOEFL or IELTS English test scores, Ann Liang said: "But there are some institutions provide" dual admissions "(or conditional acceptance) enrollment students if no language achievements can be admitted based on academic merit, and English language training to participate in a period of time after enrollment, language standards and then start specialized courses to learn. " However, she pointed out that, if the student is just no time to prepare the language, but there is a certain level of English, prepare application documents to apply to institutions can dual enrollment, the get school admission notification, then the language exam training. Then March exam, obtain a language scores meet school requirements, and schools to submit their applications within the specified time, to fight without admission into the reading language courses. It is reported that the different institutions of the country, the professional will have different requirements.